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The İstanpolis team is actively seeking a talented Data Visualization Consultant with strong JavaScript expertise to join our ranks. As we delve into the historical studies of Greek Orthodox communities in late Ottoman Istanbul, we require a professional who can create interactive data visualizations and possesses a deep understanding of web APIs and database interaction. Collaborate seamlessly with our historians, researchers, and data teams, and breathe life into captivating visualizations sourced from complex datasets. As we continue to enhance our platform, your contributions will play a pivotal role in unraveling the intricacies of community life during this significant era. Be part of our mission to shed light on history through innovative data visualization.


Position: Data Visualization Consultant

Location: Berkeley, CA (Remote work options available)


About İstanpolis:

At İstanpolis, our focus is on exploring Greek Orthodox communities in late Ottoman Istanbul, connecting users to the latest scholarship, memoirs, and primary sources. Through data projects, we navigate historical demography, migration patterns, and cultural identities, aiming for a comprehensive understanding of community life encompassing legal, administrative, ecclesiastical, social, cultural, and political aspects.



- some knowledge of Wikibase LOD is preferrable

- Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, with a proven track record in data visualization.

- Experience with D3.js, Chart.js, or equivalent libraries.

- Strong grasp of web APIs and database interaction for frontend data retrieval.

- Genuine interest in historical research and Greek Orthodox communities.

- Ability to decipher intricate datasets for meaningful visualizations.

- Collaborative spirit with excellent communication skills.



- Collaborate with our historians and data teams to fashion interactive data visualizations.

- Utilize JavaScript and data visualization libraries to create user-friendly representations.

- Pull data from İstanpolis historical databases for use in visualizations

- Integrate visualizations seamlessly into İstanpolis websites.

- Optimize and iterate based on valuable user feedback and research requirements.

- Foster connections with ongoing projects mapping diverse urban communities.


Preferred Qualifications:

- Bachelor's or Master's degree in History, Data Science, IT, or related field (or equivalent).

- Previous work experience on historical research or data visualization projects.

- Previous work experience with web APIs, particularly for use in data retrieval 

- Familiarity with Digital Humanities and urban community mapping is a plus.


How to Apply:

The İstanpolis team invites you to be part of unraveling Greek Orthodox history through data visualization. Take the first step by applying with your resume, portfolio, and samples to Together, let's illuminate the past and shape the future of historical research. Apply today!

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